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Rear Trunk Roof Spoiler For Volkswagen MK7 2014+

Rear Trunk Roof Spoiler For Volkswagen MK7 2014+

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Design: The Rear Trunk Roof Spoiler is crafted to seamlessly integrate with the sleek lines and contours of the Volkswagen Golf MK7. It typically features a subtle yet sporty design that complements the car's aesthetic while providing functional benefits.

Material: These spoilers are commonly made from high-quality materials such as ABS plastic, carbon fiber, or fiberglass composite. These materials ensure durability, lightweight construction, and resistance to environmental elements.

Functionality: The primary function of the Rear Trunk Roof Spoiler is to improve aerodynamics. By strategically redirecting airflow, it reduces drag and enhances stability at higher speeds. This not only improves the vehicle's overall performance but also contributes to fuel efficiency.

Installation: Most Rear Trunk Roof Spoilers for the Volkswagen Golf MK7 are designed for easy installation. They often come with pre-applied automotive-grade adhesive tape or mounting hardware, allowing for a hassle-free and secure attachment to the rear trunk lid.

Appearance: These spoilers add a touch of sportiness and aggression to the rear profile of the vehicle. They can be found in various finishes, including matte black, gloss black, carbon fiber pattern, or paint-matched to the car's color, ensuring compatibility with different aesthetic preferences.

Compatibility: Designed specifically for the Volkswagen Golf MK7 models from 2014 onwards, these spoilers are engineered to fit precisely and seamlessly onto the vehicle's rear trunk lid without the need for extensive modifications.


  • Enhances the vehicle's appearance with a sporty and aggressive stance.
  • Improves aerodynamics, reducing drag and enhancing stability at higher speeds.
  • Adds a touch of personalization and customization to the car's exterior.
  • Provides a cost-effective way to upgrade the vehicle's performance and aesthetics.

Overall, a Rear Trunk Roof Spoiler for Volkswagen MK7 2014+ is a stylish and functional accessory that not only enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle but also contributes to its overall performance and aerodynamic efficiency.

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