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Chevrolet Camaro 2012-15 Carbon Fiber Gear Shift panel

Chevrolet Camaro 2012-15 Carbon Fiber Gear Shift panel

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1. This product is all 3K carbon fiber twill weaving, the product thickness is about 2mm, external 1mm epoxy resin packaging, the middle is the original carbon fiber cloth, the back with adhesive back, the product can only cover the corresponding part of the surface, If there is an indentation with the surface part can not be completely covered, can only be installed by installing the location of the flat part.

2. All products are handmade by us, there will be a small number of products with inconsistent surface texture, small white spots, or uneven edges, this is a normal situation, if you can not accept some of these small defects, please contact us, we will replace or refund for you, please do not give us a direct negative evaluation, thank you for your understanding.

3. Products with adhesive backing, please install according to the details of the installation method, do not install the adhesive backing protective film All torn off, this will allow you to install the error time, Paste the wrong location, if your secondary will affect the adhesion of the product, Shedding or not adhesive situation, you can put the product on the corresponding part of the product to check the fit of the product, if the size of the problem please contact us at if there is a problem with the size, please contact us at the first time. When installing the product, you can tear off the corner of the adhesive to protect the sticker, align and then tear off the adhesive slightly to install it, and press for 3-5 minutes after installing it, if the weather is cold in your country, It will be hard after receiving our carbon fibre, so you need to take a hair dryer at home to heat the carbon fibre to make it soft, and then install it, so that it does not appear damaged.

4. If you install the back adhesive does not stick, please check the installation of carbon fiber parts with screws, or the surface of the product is composed of leather and cloth, the surface of water and oil, in these cases do not stick, If not these sheaths, you can use the adhesive aids we give you, in the installation of the appropriate application components before he will make carbon fiber sticks stronger (note: Because the use of adhesive will make the carbon fiber stick too strong, once you tear it can make your interior damaged, so before you use whether to meet the conditions I said above)

5. The above is the order before the things that need attention, after the order that should be a VIP customer of our store, all products purchased at this time acceptance to enjoy three months warranty, if you encounter installation problems or quality problems can be contacted at any time to solve the problem, Before do not directly give us negative comments and disputes, we will solve these problems for you, happy to deal with you!


1. this item is made of premium quality real carbon fiber with epoxy coating, 1mm double side adhesive on the back for easy installation.

2. Easy to use, sturdy and durable, long service life, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant and anti-corrosion.Long-lasting use, 2-5 years long product life.

3. Carbon fiber style trim changes the ordinary appearance and adds cool design. 2-5 years of product life.

4. This is not just a carbon fiber piece, it fits perfectly on your car, ensuring that your car is not scratched, not worn out, and makes your car look new.

Color: black. 3x3K carbon fiber twill weave.

Fitment:For Chevrolet Camaro 2012 2013 2014 2015

Application: use to cover damaged pieces on your vehicle or just to upgrade your car

Material: made of real carbon fiber and has an ultra clear polyurethane coating for extra protection. Soft sticker with 2mm thickness.

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